Ignorance is the cause of suffering

The goal of the Rime Shedra is to make accessible the vast treasures of Buddhist wisdom to those who wish to progress further in their understanding of the profound principles presented in these advanced Buddhist texts. The understanding of the ultimate nature of reality is the key to liberation. For practitioners this program provides an opportunity to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the nature of reality.  For scholars it provides an opportunity to expand their understanding of Buddhism by cultivating an experiential understanding. The program is based upon the traditional Shedra, or monastic college, curriculum which is the cornerstone of Buddhist education in all of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

What Am I?

This is the fourth segment of our five segment series on the Madhyamaka, or the Middle Way teachings of the Buddha, called Radical Rejection: Parting from Extreme Views about Reality. This series is based upon the text Introduction to the Middle Way by Chandrakirti, with commentaries by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and Mipham Rinpoche, plus additional supplementary sources.

This segment will focus on the refutation of the “truly existent self of persons.” This segment will be easily accessible to newcomers and will include guided contemplation in each class. We will focus on the understanding our notion of the self, how this relates to the five skandhas, or aggregates, what are the aggregates, and how to begin to unravel our fixation on the self through a gradual contemplative investigation, or analytical meditation.

Teachers of this segment will be Derek Kolleeny, Michele Laporte and Ronald Stiskin. Open to all graduates of SSBS or an equivalent level of practice and study.


Core Materials

  1. Source Book
  2. Teachers' Readings